[Marxism] Gender-Race Interactions

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> CB: Most important issue with respect to race is the large number of
> _Whites_ who are "energized" for Barry.  That is new, and that is where
> the movement to end racism must occur. The end of racism won't be Black
> people supporting Blacks. Black people already do that. It will be a
> change in the conduct and attitude of Whites toward Blacks.  Obama's
> campaign is giving large numbers of Whites the opportunity to
> demonstrate anti-racism. That gives real hope for the struggle against
> racism, and the unity of the working class.

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Obama No
By Adolph Reed Jr., May 2008 Issue

 A friend said that Obama's campaign, in stressing
his appeal to rapturous children and liberal, glamorous yuppies,
offers vicarious identification with these groups, as well as the
chance to become sort of black in that ultra-safe and familiar theme
park way.

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