[Marxism] Marx, materialism and idealism

Charles Brown charlesb at cncl.ci.detroit.mi.us
Fri May 30 08:27:37 MDT 2008

As far as the notion of "practice before theory", Marx's second Thesis
on F, proposes that practice is the test of theory. This would imply
"theory before practice",  as the Activistism thesis implies. 

It seems more sensible that there would be an ongoing reciprocity
between them - ...theory-practice-theory-practice...

Practice tests theory for its truth value in this epistemological
precis by Marx.  The 11th thesis declares the ultimate purpose of
project is to change the world. Philosophers have interpreted the
in a number of ways; the truth test by practice , presumably
which interpretations by philosophers, artists, scientists,
intellectuals, predominantly mental laborers are true, and thereby the
best basis for changing the world.  So, in the "end", successfully
changing the world is simultaneously proof of the truth of the theory
interpretation used, and it is the "thing", the achievement of the
the purpose of the Marxist philosopher/intellectual's whole project.

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