[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 4 16:33:38 MDT 2011

On 8/4/11 5:44 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> The bourgeois press and the governments they serve hardly need your help in
> spreading the word about what is happening in Hama. Why don't you write
> articles about what they are NOT writing about? You could start with the
> everyday killings and field burnings and so on in the West Bank. Or how
> about the soldiers killing themselves right here in the U.S. thanks to
> untreated PTSD? Or the open season on black youth by cops? There are
> countless things the bourgeois press is not covering that people need to
> learn about.

Okay, I get it. The left should never speak out against torture, mass 
arrests, killings, or other forms of police state terror as long as the 
government that is carrying out such policies is the target of the 
bourgeois press. I guess that will help me clear some shelf space at 
home, now that I have been mandated to ditch all those books that 
Trotsky wrote in the 1930s.

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