[Marxism] The Syrians' Fear Factor about being assaulted by Israel and the US is a big component of the rebellion against Assad for many

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Thu Aug 4 23:30:49 MDT 2011

This discussion about whether US socialist activists should dump more on the
Assad regime in addition to the international corporate press based in the
imperialist countries already doing so takes place with the proponents that
US and European marxists should be yet screaming and shouting harder about
the negative qualities of Assad, ignoring all geopolitical context of this
uprising against the Syrian strong man.   The Iranian and Syrian government
both have been under constant threats of invasions, bombings, and overthrow
from the US and its Israeli and European allies for many years now, but that
seems never to be mentioned by these pro imperialist shills in the
supposedly anti-capitalist US, Australian, and European Lefts.   It's more
important to these folk to show how much they hate Assad instead, and to
Hell with actually putting together any real solidarity against the US led
imperialist onslaught in the region, since that would mean calming down the
rather publicly popular imperialist rage against the Assad regime, as well
as supposedly not showing solidarity with those dissatisfied inside Syria
with Assad.    Better for these Leftists they think, to continue to bad
mouth the current Syrian government to deflect observation of their own
abstentionism in efforts to build an actual antiwar movement against the US
Empire's militaries of any significant scope.

So what is the main crime of the Assad regime in the eyes of many Syrians?
Is the rebellion directed at Assad purely because he runs an authoritarian
regime, or are there other factors, too?    How much of the rebellion is
based in actuality not against what Assad has actually done harmful to some
Syrians, but what many Syrians fear will be the results of Assad trying to
stand up to the US and israel militaries and governments?    How much of the
rebellion against Assad is based on fear of Assad's leadership leading
Israel and the US to declare war on Syria, with the country then becoming
potentially torn to threads in similar manner to what has already happened
to Iraq and Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Yemen?

Assad has stood Syria strong and firm in his alliance with the Iranian
government in the region, despite multiple efforts of the US and European
imperialist powers to split Syria off with sugary deals of 'peace'. This has
been a major reason that Iran has not already been attacked by the US and
Israel.   Many Syrians fear that he has been endangering Syrian internal
peace, by not taking the US offer to allow Syria some future peace in
exchange for Assad pulling out of this pro-Iranian government regional
alliance.   These Syrians are terrified that Assad will lead them to trying
to standing Syria up against US/ Israeli firepower  alongside the Iranian
government.   They are more terrified of the US and Syrian militaries than
they are even with the Syrian one.    However, many Western Leftists and
liberals want to downplay all this, and just see the entire issue as being
Assad vs people in Syria who appear to them to be more liberal and
'democratically' minded!

Syria stood by its allies in Lebanon when last Israel invaded that country,
while Western Leftists mainly stood by doing absolutely nothing to stop this
aggression.   And now these Leftists want to have themselves seen as
champions of liberty against the Assad regime?   I think they look pretty
damn phony.    They have been absent absent absent (except with pathetic
verbal displays of pyrotechnics), in building a movement in their own
countries against the wars their own imperialist governments have waged.
 So where do they get their sense of total moral superiority to Assad and
his regime?   This sort of pseudo Leftism doesn't have a leg to stand on in
the 'morality' department.   They are merely big mouths used to help parrot
the official propaganda lines for US and European interventionism in the
region, using Israel as their food soldiers there when possible.    They are
humanitarian interventionist in 'socialist' drag.

Yes, Syrians have a right to be fearful of Assad's government getting them
into a battle they will lose big time.   Many of them want to surrender to
the Big Guys and try to stay safe, and Assad continues to stand up to the US
and israel instead.    They fear for their lives and one can understand why?
  The Syrians' Fear Factor about being assaulted by Israel and the US is a
big component of the rebellion against Assad for many.   Who can blame them?
   We would be scared, too,and cannot blame them for wanting to not be torn
asunder.   However, why should the Assad regime capitulate to these internal
enemies who are against taking a firm stance against US/ Israeli imperialism
in the region?   To do so would be surrender.

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