[Marxism] Moderator's note

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 5 15:38:16 MDT 2011

At 16:44 05/08/11 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>I have just unsubbed "Pinchy Way".

Which is fine with me, though before you wrote that I was about to simply
propose that his IDIOTIC posts be firmly ignored by everyone. When he/she
was merely agreeing with Eli, Fred, & PSL, yes I thought his views were
totally wrong but could be debated. However with his outlandish assertion
that the uprising in Syria was due to backward elements worried that
Assad's "militancy" was going to invite an attack by Israel and the US (see
quoted text below), any semblance of a rational discussion ended!

> It was clear to me from the beginning 
>that he was spoiling for some kind of flame war

I think that must be it, because for the life of me I can't believe that HE
believes that...... that masses of Syrians risked going into the streets,
many being gunned down, ALL BECAUSE they were worried that if they didn't
thus lay down their lives then Israel was going to kill them even worse,
making them even more dead than they became when Syrian troops shot them
mildly dead. That is so insane that he couldn't have believed it himself,
and this email list could only have been a plaything for him, not a forum
for serious discussion.   

- Jeff

P.S. Pinchy's gone, but if some of you others need to lambast someone
you'll be happy to learn that I attended a "pro-imperialist" demonstration
today in the Hague. Pictures and report (in Dutch) at:

>.....   How much of the rebellion is
>based in actuality not against what Assad has actually done harmful to some
>Syrians, but what many Syrians fear will be the results of Assad trying to
>stand up to the US and israel militaries and governments?    How much of the
>rebellion against Assad is based on fear of Assad's leadership leading
>Israel and the US to declare war on Syria, with the country then becoming
>potentially torn to threads in similar manner to what has already happened
>to Iraq and Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Yemen?

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