[Marxism] Uri Avnery on the so-called "yuppie" people's revolt in Israel

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> August 5 - 7, 2011
> Who Are These People? Where Will They Go From Here?
> "How Godly Are Thy Tents?"
> […]

A more respectful and hopeful article than the one posted yesterday from The Awl on "Israel's Yuppie Revolt". I like these sentances:

"People in the street spoke with growing admiration of the Arab revolt...

"Some of the most popular posters on the tents were 'Rothschild corner Tahrir' and, in a Hebrew rhyme, 'Tahrir – Not only in Cahir' – Cahir being the Hebrew version of al-Cahira, the Arabic name for Cairo. And also: 'Mubarak, Assad, Netanyahu'.

In Tahrir Square, the central slogan was 'The People Want to Overthrow the Regime'. In conscious emulation, the central slogan of the tent cities is 'The People Want Social Justice'."

Avnery worries that the latest events could provide an additional pretext for the Netanyahu government to start a war  - as a diversion from the growing social unrest inside Israel as well as the intended UN vote on Palestinian statehood. However, if the Israeli political and military establishment proves reckless enough to provoke a war,   likely drawing in Iran, I don't think the main impetus would be to distract from these lesser threats so much as to provide cover in the smoke and din of battle to expel large numbers of Palestinians from the West Bank, completing the ethnic cleansing operation of 1948, a long sought goal of the Zionist right. Nothing else seems to make much sense given the high stakes involved in such an adventure.

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