[Marxism] A Calamitous Response to Calamity

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Tried reading this but to read this in full requires subscription to the Wall Street Journal which I refuse to do. Regardless -- I am familiar with Youngstown. I was there in 2007 to see what remained of the great movement against the shutdown of the steel mills in 1987-9 and beyond. There is a vibrant community in Youngstown and Staughton Lynd is only one of its many representatives ( a great lawyer as the local librarian told me when I asked where Lynd and his family were). You have to visit Youngstown, preferably in a cold winter, to see how warm the solidarity still circulates among the poor, despite their pillage and abandonment. And there is, as this post suggests, fracking and more destruction of what remains of the livelihood of a brave community left alone to brave the desert storms of terrible solitude. All solidarity with Youngstown -- in the future it will rise again; in the present it is like many of us, the seed of Tantalus

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> I grew up 18 miles from Youngstown, Ohio, the nearest thing to a "big
> city."  The town was the epicenter of the Rust Belt because of his
> heavy dependence on steel.  As the economy disintegrated, arson became
> the major industry because housing values had declined so much.
> Recently, the town was in the news because it pioneered in the
> deliberate shrinkage of a city.
> Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that a new steel mill is under
> construction, which might seem to be a reason for celebration.
> Unfortunately, the purpose of the mill is to produce million tons of
> seamless steel tubes used in "fracking," which has become a major
> source of income in the area, but a serious threat to the water
> supply.
> Ansberry, Clare. 2011. "A Steel Plant Rises in Ohio." Wall Street
> Journal (2 August): p. B 1.
> http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904233404576462562705511704.html?mod=ITP_marketplace_0
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