[Marxism] Clean coal comes to Illinois

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 08:42:50 MDT 2011

Dan, while much of what you say about coal is true, beyond back lung
disease and the very high accident rate (the largest in the country
per industry) I've not heard of specific illness associated with
exposure to coal, per se, as you seem to indicate. I would like to
read more on this.

Secondly, while you state "proven wind and solar" there is nothing
proven by the wind and solar being able to *replace* the baseload coal
plants that make up about 50% of the generation of Illinois. As scaled
up electrical storage is basically non-existent and way to expensive,
attempting to replace Illinois coal with them is likely to be a big
disappointment, as wind energy was shown to be in Texas and other
states during the recent heat wave there.

I also think that any legislation/plans to phase out coal, which I'm
all for, has to have mitigation of the social consequences of throwing
thousands of coal miners, power plant workers and railroad workers out
of work. You should mention this in your article. As almost all coal
miners live far away from most industry, unemployment for them is
something that has a double whammy as they have to move and/or drive
great distances to get new jobs. Just a thought.


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