[Marxism] From the latest London Review

Nick Fredman nick.fredman at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 18 04:30:58 MDT 2011

Alistair Boyd-Bell on an apparent LRB total paywall:

>>New Zealand, actually. I'll try again when I'm at a proper computer, it might just be for smartphones<<

Here in Australia I've read it on my personal device on the commute on occasion (good for loading an article just before you go underground, because then you'd get a decent length read while out of signal), both when I subscribed for some years, and more recently when I let it lapse. They usually have 3 articles free out of about 7 or 8 which isn't bad. 

I found subscribing worthwhile at the student rate, even with postage to Australia, particularly because after a year you can each year nominate a friend for a free year's sub. I originally got a free sub via my mum from this offer. Some people might do this and then split the bill. This would make it for an Australian student about A$50 for about 22 issues a year, good value for what you get (and I still like a nicely designed print publication to read an extended piece over a screen) including access to their 30 year archive. Working full time now and running out of people to share with I regretfully can't justify what would be more like A$200. 

Some might demand everything online should be free, but I doubt this lot are in the game to get rich. 

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