[Marxism] Watching BBC news live

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Tue Aug 23 11:30:45 MDT 2011

On 23/08/2011 18:22, Dan wrote:
> As an aside, the two rebel soldiers who are seen enthusiastically
> dismantling a statue of Gadaffi in the colonel's Tripoli compound have
> distinctively "negroid" features. In fact, they are clearly black men.
> Which reminds us that 20% of the Libyan population have "sub-Saharan
> black features" and that claiming that anti-Gadaffi rebels are
> "anti-Black" appears on the ground to be mistaken.

That isn't much of an argument.  Of course, not every rebel is a 
racist.  But anti-black racism did become an important feature of 
opposition activity in terms of flushing out the 'fifth column' of 
Qadhafi's supposed mercenaries (all based on untrue and pernicious 
rumours), in terms of lynchings, mass arrests, harrassment, beatings, 
racist graffiti, etc.  To say that this is effaced by the appearance of 
black soldiers among the rebels is unconvincing.

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