[Marxism] MLK statue

werner at theorangepress.com werner at theorangepress.com
Fri Aug 26 13:49:26 MDT 2011

> I see nothing wrong with the statue
> of Martin King in DC. I'm glad it's there and I think its transcendent
> spiritual/humanist qualities will defuse any negatives from the corporate
> money involved.

I suppose that's the avowed purpose of the "transcendent
spiritual/humanist qualities" people are expected to find in works of
art; but as this is a Marxist list I would strongly question whether
such qualities exist. In this case - and I've only seen photographs -
the MLK monument strikes me as a particularly confused mish-mash of
techniques and approaches - a bastard child of Gutzon Borglum and Maya

Paul Werner,
WOID: a journal of visual language

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