[Marxism] US "Militant" greets NATO-backed rebel victory in Libya

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 28 04:19:39 MDT 2011

Thanks for your comment, comrade.

I have to admit, as an 86-yr old veteran, that I am bemused by the
discussion going on in the left about Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and all:
Binh on Lou's blog made the best comparison of all - it is 1848 all over
again, but now in the Arab world, with the decadent West trying their
hardest to interfere to their own advantage.  Our necessity seems so clear
to me - WE NEED a SPRING HERE !! and let the Arabs develop THEIR OWN
revolution - perhaps they will do better than we did - and I do hope so.


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Paddy says: "Consider the situation dialectically comrades - and just follow
events - FIRST OF ALL just recognise that we are just viewers from outside:
it is Libyans who will decide - who will fight, and die, in the fight for a
better society.  I - and I hope all others on this list - just hope, with
all our hearts, that the best of Libyan common society will win out in the

All I can say here, is Paddy, you're a good guy! Indeed!

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