[Marxism] Repeatedly misquoting Achcar :-(

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Sun Aug 28 10:15:33 MDT 2011

On 28/08/2011 16:47, Jeff wrote:
> For the last god damn time, THAT WAS NOT ACHCAR'S CLAIM! Achcar stated 
> in one article that ESTIMATES ranged from 2200 to 10,000. In the other 
> 1000 to 10,000. He never said or implied that the higher estimate was 
> more correct. His only point had been that there were very substantial 
> numbers of deaths, as part of a larger argument lest someone counter 
> it by saying that "there were very few deaths." 

I have only limited patience with this manner of discussion.  If you can 
stop SHOUTING and start listening, you may begin to appreciate that you 
are yourself belabouring a straw man.  I did not say that Achcar had 
claimed that this estimate was the definitively correct one.  What I 
claimed, precisely, is that Achcar *cited* this statistic.  Which, 
indeed, he did.  The fact that he cited it as the upper end of a range 
of estimates has not been in dispute.  What has been in dispute is the 
plausibility of this estimate, and thus of the plausibility of the range 
of mortality estimates cited by Achcar.  I have further claimed that 
Achcar cited the authority of the ICC in the support of this dubious 
statistic.  Which, again, he did.  He did so incorrectly.  As a 
consequence, the only concrete figure provided by Achcar to support his 
claim that a massacre equivalent to the killing of 25,000 in the 
crushing of the Paris Commune was afoot in Benghazi, was a heavily 
skewed range of estimated deaths for the whole of Libya in the first 
month of war.

Now kindly stop making a fool of yourself.

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