[Marxism] Libya -- report on alleged rebel war crimes from the Independent

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Mon Aug 29 06:36:07 MDT 2011

Louis wrote:
It is very bad that such things are happening but comrades should never 
forget that Qaddafi created the environment for racism.

Fred comments:
Yes,  I think I understand.  Gadhafi bears complete and sole 
responsibility for any racist discrimination or chauvinist prejudice 
that took place in the past  (We can all be sure that there were no 
manifestations of racism or chauvinism in the past history of Libya 
under the monarchy or colonial rule).  Gadhafi has the exclusive patent 
on creation of the environment for racism in Libya in either past or 
future centuries..

Gadhafi bears sole and exclusive responsibility for anything bad that 
happened in Libya for the last thousand years or happens for the next 
thousand years.  This kind of  argument -- the presentation of a 
clipping showing Gadhafi did such and such as effectively explaining 
away the opposition doing the same thing -- is bound to grow very  old 
before too long.

If they sell out completely to imperialism, why that's Gadhafi's fault 
for having done the same sort of thing. (The most hopeful sign I see so 
far in that department is the refusal to turn over the alleged Lockerbie 
bomber, but whether the incoming regime will stand up under pressure on 
this remains to be seen.)

If they give away the oil industry, why Gadhafi did something like that 
too -- so that takes the opposition off the hook. Gadhafi and he alone 
"created the environment" for imperialist domination in Libya. The 
opposition therefore bears no responsibility therefore for anything they 
do in this regard. Its all Gadhafi's fault.

If the regime turns out to be less democratic than promised -- Gadhafi's 
to blame again for having ruled undemocratically. He is the sole and 
exclusive creator of  "the environment."\

If prisoners are tortured or otherwise mistreated, Gadhafi is solely 
responsible because he created "the environment" for this. While at 
present the dominant feature is the release of many abused prisoners, we 
should keep in mind that the National Transitional Council has barred 
human rights groups from access to supposedly pro-Gadhafi prisoners in 
Benghazi, of whom there seem to be quite a few.

I think we will all be in a better place when this shallow explanation 
for why the opposition does bad things fades away and reponsibility for 
crimes is placed on the actual perpetrator -- present tense, whether 
Gadhafi government or NTC. We should all be ready to recognize that the 
NTC now bears considerable (although not yet exclusive) responsibility 
for whether the Libyan environment  remains the same or changes for 
better for worse.

Gadhafi's criminal career is winding down, and we should not be 
responsible for creating the environment in which he can serve as the 
scapegoat for whatever goes wrong today or in the future.
Fred Feldman`

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