[Marxism] NYT: "Qaddafi gave us dignity, ' a captured loyalist says

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 09:05:54 MDT 2011

This was a good article. I wouldn't doubt if this is the same most of the
soldier or worker loyalist would say.

"This war will happen again, and Libya will experience the same thing that
> is happening in Egypt," Mr. Mohamed warned

That is a really interesting quote... It is as though a Libyan Qaddafi
loyalist is comparing the uprising to the other Arab Spring revolts,
something the anti-anti-Qaddafi left has attempted to say doesn't exist.

Until he was captured, he said,
> he had believed the reports on state- run television that the rebels were
> foreigners, bearded Islamic radicals, or bloodthirsty monsters who ripped
> out the hearts of Qaddafi loyalists.

Even in admitting he was explicitly lied to in order to convince him and the
other soldiers risk their lives to kill fellow Libyans he still stands by
the regime. This I Think is very telling to the thought process of a
loyalist soldier in fear of what will come without the strong hand of

I would suppose this is a common occurrence under regimes that come to power
ridding one evil from the country, bringing it a sense of national pride by
doing so and then propagandizing for decades with a false view of the world
a cult of personality around the leader.

I think we'd hear a similar story interviewing a Kim Jong-il loyalist
soldier when the people of North Korea revolt for freedoms.


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