[Marxism] Unions Doing Things Wrong

audradavid at aol.com audradavid at aol.com
Sat Sep 1 14:13:09 MDT 2012

Here's an article on Workers Action's web site that may be of interest.... it's 
too long to post here, so I will simply put a quote here and a link to the 
article below.?
?The International Association of
Machinists just succeeded in negotiating a humiliating defeat with Caterpillar
after a 15-week strike. Workers lost considerable money by striking, and then
lost even more with the new contract, accepting almost every concession the
company demanded despite the fact that the company was sitting on a record $4.9
billion in profits. The union let scabs cross the picket line and failed to
stop production, almost guaranteeing defeat.?

Academically correct, but without a hint as to how this program could be implemented.

David Berger


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