[Marxism] Scholars Challenge Author's Assertion That 1960s Activist Worked for FBI

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 3 07:47:29 MDT 2012

On Mon, September 3, 2012 01:54, X Y wrote:
> http://chronicle.com/article/Scholars-Challenge-Authors/134040/
>.....  The full article is behind the
> Chronicle's paywall.

Well since you obtained access to this, could you kindly post
the entire article for us? Perhaps the parts you excerpted were
the most relevant, but people feel better if they can make that
decision themselves. If the article is so long that it's not
appropriate for an email list, then please email it to me
personally and it will appear on a webpage. Thank you.


> That Mr. Aoki may have given some information to the FBI is
> "plausible," says Mr. Williams, because "anyone who had dealings
> with
> any of the organizations that were on the FBI radar, there's a
> very
> good chance you were visited, or that agents would have made
> contact."

This person who should properly have been referred to as Dr.
Williams, may well be a specialist in African-American history,
but he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about in this
regard. Of the people who I knew involved in "organizations that
were on the FBI radar" during the 70's, most never got visited
by the FBI, presumably because the FBI knew they'd be wasting
their time with them. Ones who actually were visited by the FBI
slammed the door on them and certainly didn't give the FBI any
information (with the obvious exception of the actual FBI

What Williams might be thinking of is that the friends,
neighbors, and employers of these people would be visited by the
FBI. And that the FBI might attempt to get information from
anti-communist liberals who had contact with (or even worked in
coalition with) those radical groups. Or people on the fringes
of these groups who weren't very sophisticated, which is why we
would disseminate warnings usually entitled "DON'T TALK TO THE
FBI," informing them of their rights, and pointing out the
danger of answering even the most innocuous questions.

It was never considered alright that someone "may have given
some information to the FBI."

- Jeff

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