[Marxism] Not George Sabra (Pham Binh) pimps for the Muslim Brotherhood and its capitalist masters

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 13:03:16 MDT 2014

Using as a pretext Louis's review of Gilbert Achcar's book, Pham Binh
(using his new pseudo-Arab pseudonym "Not George Sabra") expands on his
previous writings against the Arab Revolution, glorifying the reign of the
hated Morsi, backing al-Qaeda affiliates and other reactionary Islamists in
Syria, and above all telling Arab workers: a) you don't exist; b) if you
did you should shut up about class struggle and follow your bourgeois and
Islamist masters in the fight for "democracy."


This comes hard on the heels of Pham's support for fascist and rightist
elements in Maidan; he told the left there explicitly they had to make an
alliance with such scum.

Pham's writings matter not just because they are an educational example of
how renegades drift further and further to the right, but also because he
continues to insert himself in various Arab lists and pages posing to the
unaware as an innocent supporter of the region's revolutions.


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