[EvoPsycLab] Meeting tomorrow at 4:00 in biology room 221

ALEXANDER JOSEPH HORN u1140280 at utah.edu
Mon Apr 8 15:07:58 MDT 2019

Just a reminder that we are planning to meet tomorrow after my prelim defense. The defense should be all wrapped up by 345, but it is possible that it could go a bit beyond that. It will definitely not go past 4:00.  So let's just plan to meet at 4:00.  I know a few of you need to leave by 515 or so at the latest, so this one might be a bit shorter than the others. But hopefully still just as productive!

Room 221 is in the south Biology building on the 2nd floor. It is just across from the admin offices.  Enter into the main doors (under the sky bridge) and it will be on your left.


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