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Thanks Bruce for sending these out.

I mentioned that I am happy to host this one since we were originally planning to have yesterdays meeting at our house. The address is 179 F St. We are on the west side of F st between 3rd and 4th. Very close to Lisa's house.

April 23rd at 4PM.

Looking forward to it!



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Dear all,

We scheduled our next EP meeting for April 23 at 4pm.  I’m not sure that the location has been determined. I could potentially host.

At the meeting yesterday, there seemed to be a convergence of interest in studying life history (LH) strategies, including collaborating on empirical studies.  There are some hot-button current issues in the study of LH strategies, and engaging those issues could be a productive way to identify important empirical questions to address.  Along those lines, I have attached various papers.

1. There is a big debate about how to define and measure LH strategy.  Please read first that attached paper by Copping et al., the response by Figueredo et al., and my peer review of the Figueredo paper.  The editor allowed Figueredo to publish his response without dealing with any of my critiques.

2.  A nice recent literature has developed comparing more traditional external prediction models of LH strategy with an alternative (mostly complementary) internal prediction approach.  I have attached a paper that articulates that perspective (Rickard et al., 2014), and also my PPT slides with a test of the model.




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