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I can’t meet tomorrow but could do next week


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Dear all,

Our evo-devo meetings have fallen to the wayside this semester (so far!).  We had 2/28 as a possible meeting date.  It might be valuable to have a social-organizational meeting, to figure out what we want and where to go?  Do people have any availability tomorrow afternoon (at either of our two normal times; see below).


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Hey gang,
I haven’t heard back from folks about potential meeting times, but let me propose a few and let’s see what we think.
Friday, Feb. 14th at 1:30 or 4pm
Friday, Feb. 28th at 1:30 or 4pm
Friday, March 6th at 1:30 or 4pm
Friday, March 27th at 1:30 or 4pm
Friday, April 10th at 1:30 or 4pm

We don’t have to meet at all these times, I just wanted to get some possibilities on the books and see about ideas and such.

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