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Sounds good to me.  We can also discuss the AMAZING evolved defense of honeybees against murder hornets!!!

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Dear all,

I heard back from one of our members, who preferred not to do the in person meeting at this time.  So let's plan on a Zoom at 4:30.

Is there anything that anyone would like to talk about today?

As I mentioned in my email below, I am struggling with a figure that attempts to describe the hidden talents program.  It would be great to get some feedback on that.  I could spend a little time introducing the paper, and then move on to the Figure.


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Dear all,

As we do not yet have a specific agenda for our meeting this Friday, I wanted to suggest one thing.  I have been working on a Figure that attempts to communicate the essentials of the hidden talents research program.  I am at a point where it would be useful to get feedback on that figure.  It is Figure 1 on the last page of the attached manuscript.  The attached paper is under review, and Figure 1 is referred to in the paper on pp. 10-16.

Ideally, the Figure should be clear from just looking at the figure itself and accompanying figure legend.

I would love to get people's feedback on this (as I am too close to it to see it from a reader's perspective).


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