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Here is the zoom link for today (at 4:30).

We can always use the same Zoom link: https://utah.zoom.us/j/691975258

Would people be okay with starting at 4:30 again?


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Thanks Bruce!

Hopefully you don't regret nominating me to pick some readings!  But the behavioral immune system does seem like an important contemporary topic for us to think about.  So here goes.  First, maybe read Nala's piece<https://www.insidescience.org/news/disgust-evolved-protect-us-disease-it-working>( Nala is Elizabeth's daughter) about how disgust is failing us in responding to this invisible virus.  It is a good introduction and a quick read.

But then lets talk about how to leverage the behavioral immune system to respond to the pandemic.  Toward that end, I've attached a couple of papers by Michael Peterson on why disgust underlies prejudice and a research article testing the difference between out-group prejudice as adaptation or as a by-product of pathogen avoidance.  I think this is an important distinction and matters to help understand why the current pandemic is highlighting the effects of systemic racism so acutely.  The references in Peterson's address comprise the sentinel work in this area, I think, if you want to dig deeper.

Will you send this and a Zoom link to the group?

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Hi Katie,

We nominated you to choose the topic for our next meeting in two weeks!  I believe that you had suggested that we talk about some topic relevant to Covid-19.


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