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Hi Bruce - I really like 'hidden talents'.   I realized in the shower this
morning why I think I responded as I did to the diagram.  I am familiar
with SEM and path models, and so that was how I read it -- despite this
being a high-level theoretical model, it made sense from that perspective,
and the relationships between the variables are understandable on their
face, with some familiarity with the literature.

And so from that viewpoint, it was odd to see letters -- rather than path
coefficients or a +/- if a hypothesized model.  In any such model, there
will be different explanations underlying the relationships, but we usually
don't include them in the diagram, they have already been explained in the
text.  In one of ours, we also have basically 3 columns, with one
explanation for the upstream mediation and another for the downstream
mediation, but the explanations are not labelled.

I also think that the only purpose of figures is to explain things that are
easier to understand graphically.  And so the best figures are those where
captions are not be needed to get the gist of it, rather to expand on that

Of course, this is also why you need different eyeballs on it, and to think
about the audience, since their perspective coming into it will differ.

Also -- here is "the device" for cutting hair:  https://www.combpal.com/

Alan gave it a thumbs up and I like what he did with it, although frankly I
love longer hair on men so I might have to lose it for him.

Bowl cut guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-AF_kiAvkE
for some reason struck everyone who saw it as hilarious - it's kind of like
an out-take from The Big Labowski.


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