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Faculty:  here is Susan's response to our use of external letters.  
Issue to consider: purpose? and leaving them to the end of the review 
(which might be our only option to keeping this practice).  Please email 
me your responses to her "best practice" and I will try to clarify with 
her what we can and can not do.
Have a nice fall break! (just didn't want to forget to forward this).

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Subject: 	RE: rpt questions
Date: 	Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:37:04 -0600
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Hi, Cheryl,
	Yes, even if you continue with two formal reviews, your policy
does need to describe your informal review process for the other years,
and that process needs to conform to the minimum standards laid out in
PPM 9-5.1.
	With respect to external letters that the candidate has waived
the right to see, I've told people that "best practice" is to retype
those passages believed to be helpful to the subject of the review
(after it is all over) rather than copying an original and covering up
identifying information. The core issue is protecting the identity of
the reviewers, and the risk is sloppy redacting. The candidate has no
right to see any of the contents, so the main point of passing on any
information at all is if constructive suggestions are made for future
work rather than simply satisfying the candidate's curiosity. Frequently
the most positive comments have already been quoted in the department's
or chair's report. Communication of information in any other manner than
mentions in official reports should occur only after the review has
concluded at the final level, since the point is feedback for future
work and not to allow the candidate to attempt a colloquy with the
anonymous reviewers while the review is going on.	
	I hope that adequately explains the narrow exception to the
waiver. Please let me know if you all have other questions.


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