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Dear all,

I am writing to let you know that I am having two guest speakers in my 
3600 class, and that you are welcome to come and to invite your 
students. The room is large and can accommodate many visitors. I teach 
Tuesday evenings in AEB 320.

Tomorrow, Oct 25, D J Baxter will speak. He is project manager and 
senior adviser to Mayor Rocky Anderson. He will speak on city and 
community issues, such as zoning, transportation, housing, and land use. 
He is coming at 7:15 pm and will speak an hour or so.

On November 15, Tony Weller, owner of Sam Weller's Book Store will come. 
He is addressing the topic of local shops verses chain shopping and what 
it means to consumers and to cities, such as spending and keeping our 
money local, and the social implications of shopping on Main St vs. Wall 
Mart (for example). He will speak also at 7:15 pm for an hour or so.

Both are addressing questions from the audience. Please spread the word!

Thanks,  Ann House


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