[Fcs-faculty] How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges

Paula Smith paula.smith at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Sep 6 10:43:12 MDT 2006

Hey Everyone,

This one just crossed my desk and thought you'd be interested...

Every year thousands of middle- and low-income high school seniors learn 
they've been rejected by America's elite colleges. What they may never 
learn is that candidates like themselves have been passed over for 
wealthy students with lesser credentials -- children of alumni, big 
donors or celebrities. We're proud to announce an explosive new book by 
Wall Street Journal Writer Daniel Golden that exposes how America's 
richest families receive special access to elite higher education -- 
regardless of ability. THE PRICE OF ADMISSION: How America's Ruling 
Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges -- and Who Gets Left Outside the 
Gates (Crown Publishers, $25.95) reveals the corrupt admissions 
practices that favor the rich, the powerful and the famous. The 
culmination of six years of investigative reporting by the Pulitzer 
Prize-winning journalist, THE PRICE OF ADMISSION names names, schools, 
grades and test scores. Among Mr. Golden's shocking findings: * At least 
half the children of 425 big Harvard donors that applied to the school 
were accepted, based on Mr. Golden's study of those donors. By contrast, 
Harvard only admits 10 percent of applicants overall. * Princeton 
admitted Sen. Bill Frist's son even though it gave him the lowest 
ranking on its academic scale. Sen. Frist is an alumnus, an ex-trustee 
and prominent politician -- and his family donated $25 million to the 
school. * Brown University sought to expand its Hollywood connections by 
admitting the son of powerbroker Michael Ovitz, a mediocre student who'd 
been suspended in middle school for swinging a baseball bat at a female 
classmate. Even though Chris Ovitz dropped out in less than a year, 
Brown still reaped the benefits: It snagged Ovitz pals and A-list 
celebrities Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman at university events. THE 
PRICE OF ADMISSION is available at bookstores and at Amazon.com, BN.com 
and other retailers.

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