[Fcs-faculty] Suppressing Direct Deposit Information

Ribana Milas ribana.milas at fcs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 12 13:50:29 MDT 2006

Please read the attached document about suppressing your direct deposit.

>>> "Lisa Batley" <u0462932 at utah.edu> 09/12 10:51 AM >>>
Dear Payroll Reporter/ Supervisor,

Please distribute the attached document to all of your employees, to
inform them about suppressing their Direct Deposit Advice print.  We in
the Payroll Department appreciate all your help in spreading this

Thank you,

Lisa Batley

Payroll Department

The University of Utah Payroll Department is making a push to get all University Employees to suppress the print of their paycheck advice. 

A few reasons to suppress your paycheck advice:

* You can view your paycheck online 1-2 days before pay day

* Access to your paycheck online is password secured

* You can access your paycheck on any computer

* You can print your paycheck online if you want a paper copy

* You get additional information not shown on your paper advice

* It is available 24/7 online 

It is easy!  Just follow these steps: 

  a.. Login to Peoplesoft   https://gate.acs.utah.edu 
  b.. Click on the "Employee" tab 
  c.. Click on "Payroll, Taxes and Salary" 
  d.. Select Direct Deposit 
  e.. Click on "Suppress Advice" 
  f.. Check the radio button next to "Do NOT print a paper copy of my direct deposit pay statement" 
  g.. Click Save 
  h.. Click OK 

You can still view and print a copy of your advice anytime you need to by logging on to Peoplesoft > Employee Tab> Payroll, Taxes and Salary>View Paycheck 
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