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Good Afternoon,

The Developmental and Clinical Child-Family Psychology Programs at the U 
of U are about to commence their Fall semester's Lecture Series. Below 
is a message concerning the content of this speaker series from Dr. 
Monisha Pasupathi, organizer for these events. Would you please forward 
her message and the attached calendar of events both in Word and PDF 
format to your faculty, staff, and graduate students. Thank you for 
helping our department get the word out about this lecture series.

Have a great day,


Vito Rontino

Project Coordinator
Department of Psychology
University of Utah
380 S. 1530 E., Rm.605
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0251
Phone: 801-581-8632
Fax:   801-581-5841

The Developmental and Clinical-Child Family Psychology Programs Present

Take(s) on Context: A Look at Context across Disciplinary Lines

Organizers: Monisha Pasupathi, associate professor, developmental 
psychology & Sarah Heavin, graduate student, Clinical child and family 

Context is an idea of fundamental importance in developmental and 
clinical psychology - but it is also an idea that brings with it 
significant conceptual baggage and which lumps together many different 
ideas under one deceptively simple word. Are contexts inside or outside 
individuals? Can individuals be separated from contexts? Are contexts 
relationships? Places? Cultures? All or none of the above? This 
semester, we have organized a series of talks around the construct of 
context; these talks bring together people who study context from 
disciplines other than psychology as well as psychologists who deal with 
context in applied settings. The talk series will certainly not resolve 
all the long-standing questions about context, but we are hoping that 
the juxtaposition of different ways of dealing with context will provide 
interesting, intellectually challenging, and possibly even useful 
directions for all of our thinking.

Please refer to the attached pdf file for information concerning dates 
and the different speakers.
All speaker presentations are free of charge and held alternate 
Wednesdays in the Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 712 at 3 in the 

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