[Fcs-faculty] Fw: Faculty Social 10/4, 5PM

Ribana Milas ribana.milas at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Sep 20 10:50:24 MDT 2006

> Dear Faculty,

> We have sent out the printed invitations to the Faculty Social scheduled 
> for October 4, 5-7pm at the Alta Club. We need a good count to avoid 
> over ordering on the food and beverages, so please pass this on and 
> encourage faculty to RSVP to Kathryn at x18620.
> Directions to the Alta Club:
> Location: The Alta Club is at the intersection of State Street and South 
> Temple (southeast corner). We will be in the Alta Room on the second floor.
> Parking: The Alta Club's parking lot is on the north side of South 
> Temple, about mid-block between State St. and 200 East. It is an outdoor 
> lot with signing for the Alta Club. Parking is free.
> "Finger food" and beverages will be provided.  Please RSVP by Sept. 28.
> -- 
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> Marilyn Cox, Administrative Manager
> College of Social and Behavioral Science
> FAX 585-5081, Phone 585-9799
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