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Subject: 	SBS Student Committee Nominations
Date: 	Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:23:50 -0600
From: 	Sarah Homer <sarah.homer at fcs.utah.edu>
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 The SAC President, Brett Muir, is in need of nominations from the
 faculty that would be good to fill the SBS College positions listed
 below. If you are aware of students that you think would be able to
 fill these committees, please send their names and any information you
 have on them to Sarah at sarah.homer at fcs.utah.edu. Thanks.

 *_4 Student Representatives Elected by SAC Chairs_*

1 student-Executive Committee meets when called by the  VP, dean or 
committee members to make important decisions concerning the college.  
The last meeting of this committee was to make decisions concerning the 
selection process for the new dean.

2 students-Curriculum Committee has 1 graduate and 1 undergraduate.  
They meet as needed when there are proposed curriculum changes in the 

1 student-RPT Committee makes recommendations on the retention, 
promotion and tenure of faculty.  This committee meets frequently during 
the months of November through February.  Although it is a big 
responsibility, students who are interested in pursuing an academic 
career themselves have found the time spent to be interesting and 
valuable.  Strong graduate student highly preferred.

 *_7 Student Representatives named by departmental SAC_*

Superior Teaching Award Committee-1 student from each department, 
preferably undergraduate.  This committee reads nominations and visits 
classes of faculty who are finalists for the College of Social & 
Behavioral Science Superior Teaching Award.


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