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Cheryl Wright Cheryl.Wright at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Mar 7 07:17:15 MST 2008

To all:

Check out the five minute clip of Caitlin's documentary "Easy Targets":

go to http://www.partners.utah.edu/
and click on the link on the bottom right that says "Watch Easy Targets".

The first interview is fuzzy - for identity protection.

Catilin explains that this is what was given to the press and the entire 
Utah State legislature in order to challenge the repeal of HB 144, the 
state law which gives undocumented students the right to in state 
tuition for public universities in Utah, without which it would be 
impossible to go to college (its almost three times more expensive).  
The idea was to provide an opportunity for the public and 
decision-makers in particular, to hear from undocumented students 

The full documentary is about 25 minutes long and was produced by high 
school youth researchers who were part of the Growing Up in Salt Lake 
City youth research team.  copies of the full documentary will be 
available soon.

Hopefully, we will have a lunch time showing of the complete documentary 
- it is very impressive.

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