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>From anthro (attached - today at noon) and sociology:

 I'm attaching the library's flashy poster for Henry's talk.    It's about how a change in the lactase gene gave the 'cowboys' a competitive advantage and changed history.    Very cool.


Elizabeth Cashdan
Department of Anthropology
University of Utah


Assistant Professor Claudia Geist, Department of Sociology
Friday, September 17, 2010, 12:15PM to 1:15
336 OSH, Rasmussen Library
Bring lunch. We will provide beverages.

Claudia will talk about the policy relevant aspects of her newly published book, Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans' Definitions of Family. There has been much public debate about the definition of marriage, but this is only a part of the larger issue. Could - or should - American notions of family expand to include, for example, same-sex marriage, unmarried cohabitation, and gay adoption? In this talk she will present findings from the book. She will address how Americans really define family and contrast those views with findings from Germany. Who counts as family has far-reaching policy implications and also predicts how Americans' definitions of family may change in the future.

About Policy at the Podium: The purpose for the Policy at the Podium forums is to stimulate and support research in any area of public policy, particularly inter-disciplinary research. The forums provide opportunities for faculty and advanced graduate students to generate new ideas and research questions, learn about the strengths and limitations of data sources, and identify potential collaborators (who may be in other colleges). We try to hold talks relatively short and leave ample time for dialogue. Presentations often are about "works in progress" where the presenter tests ideas prior to completing and submitting a manuscript or grant proposal.

Please RSVP to Linda LeCheminant at linda.lecheminant at cppa.utah.edu<mailto:linda.lecheminant at cppa.utah.edu> or 1-6781

Linda LeCheminant
Administrative Assistant
Center for Public Policy and Administration
Institute of Public and International Affairs
The University of Utah

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