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Subject: GIS class announcement

Please post this announcement and forward the email to your faculty, staff, and students. Thank you!

DIGIT Lab Offers GIS Training On Campus

ESRI Authorized  ARCGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS
This course introduces students to ArcGIS and provides the foundation for becoming a successful ArcView or ArcInfo user.  Participants learn how to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox and explore how these applications work together to provide a complete GIS software solution.  This course covers fundamental GIS concepts, as well as how to create, edit and georeference spatial data.  Attendees learn how to manipulate tabular data, query a GIS database and present data clearly and efficiently using maps and charts.
Dates:   October 11th and 12th, 2010 9am - 5pm

Cost:      U of U Student: $300.00
U of U Faculty & Staff: $475.00
Non U of U Employees: $475.00
The cost includes 2 days of training, reference manuals, and 30 day trial software.

Contact to Register:
Melissa Warner                ph: 581-3612      OSH 270               melissa.warner at geog.utah.edu<mailto:melissa.warner at geog.utah.edu>

Registration closes Sept. 27th, 2010.

MaryAnn Golightly
Academic Coordinator
Geography Department
University of Utah
Phone (801) 581-8218
Fax (801) 581 8219

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