[Fcs-faculty] FCS Fall 2010 Directory

Sandra P Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Sep 22 17:18:46 MDT 2010

I'm sending this email to several lists, because I want to reach everybody.  So you may get this same message more than once.

Please open the attached directory and check your information on the Campus page as well as the Home page (click at the bottom to go back and forth).  If you are one of the faculty, your name should appear on the Campus page with office number and office phone number and on the Home page with a home/cell phone number.

If you are a part-time instructor teaching in Fall 2010 semester, your name will appear on the Campus page with a day time office phone number if you have an office phone.  If you don't have an office phone, your name and home/cell phone number will appear on the Home page.

If you are a part-time instructor not teaching in Fall 2010 semester but scheduled to teach in Spring 2011 semester, your name and day time contact number should appear on the Home page.

Everybody, please check to make sure your information is correct and let me know if it isn't.  If you see something else that is wrong, let me know that too.

Don't consider this a final FCS directory.  Once I know everything seems to be correct, I'll send you a final electronic copy.

Thanks for letting me know of changes I need to make as soon as possible.


P.S.  My cell phone number is on the Home page under Staff.  That's so you can get in touch with me if you need to.
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