[Fcs-faculty] Things to help when I'm gone

Sandra P Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Sep 30 17:51:25 MDT 2010

First, please know how much I have enjoyed working with you-some of you for almost 12 years.  You have become like my second family and the AEB is like my second home.  I'm really going to miss interaction with you on a daily basis.  But....I'll be checking in from time to time.  I'm planning to be at the Stone Soup party on Friday, October 29th.  I'll bring the slush and see you then.

Please see attached.  Start with the first attachment-"things to remember. "  I've also attached instructions for ordering your textbooks online and instructions for linking a syllabus.  Part-time instructors will have to continue sending class descriptions and syllabi here-to Bobbi Davis, bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu<mailto:bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu>.

Thanks for the great support you've been and for your friendship.  Until we meet again..

Take care!


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