[Fcs-faculty] Two quick things from yesterday

Robert Nathan Mayer Robert.Mayer at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 3 09:33:53 MDT 2013

First, Russ was excused from the meeting.  I had forgotten that he had informed me about a conflict.
Second, Nick was technically correct when he said that the PAC-12 is just an athletic conference, but from a practical point of view, he is incorrect.  I have just returned from a meeting of department chairs and deans convened by President Pershing and VP Watkins.  Based on their presentation, the PAC-12 is our point of comparison for everything academic for all intents and purposes, from grant dollars per faculty member to student graduation rates.  That's just a fact.  To anticipate a question, I suppose that basis of comparison applies to salaries and compensation as well, adjusted for cost of living and faculty productivity.

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