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Lori Kowaleski-Jones lori.kowaleski-jones at fcs.utah.edu
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Hi All,

Mary Anne put together this survey of some issues she wanted feedback on to help her plan for our next session.  Could you please take a minute to complete this survey?  Thanks very much!  Lori


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I am currently in the process of updating the bulletin boards which does include the faculty board.  If each of you would take a minute (and a half) to fill in the attached questionnaire I would appreciate it.  Rather than displaying current publications on a separate board I would like to combine that information (along with notable research) as listed in the questionnaire.  I would also like to include more recent photos :), so at your convenience let me know when I can take your picture.

Please return your completed forms to me as soon as you can get around to it.

Thanks in advance!
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