[Fcs-faculty] A couple of things

Robert Nathan Mayer Robert.Mayer at fcs.utah.edu
Mon Oct 14 14:18:14 MDT 2013

1.      Immediate faculty meeting: Tuesday, October 22nd, 3:30-5 pm, facilitated by Mary Anne Berzins

2.      Following faculty meeting: Wednesday, November 6th, 2 - 4 pm

3.      We need to submit our summer 2014 soon.  There are a lot of unknowns.  How important will SCH be?  Can we go back to teaching compressed classes but with some modifications to address about students not having enough time outside of class to process material?  How much can we offer in compensation?  I think we should proceed under the assumptions that we need summer SCH, that compressed classes are an option, and that we can offer reasonably generous compensation to tenure-track faculty who want to teach during the summer.  Given these assumptions, who among you would like to teach next summer, and which classes?  Please let me know by Friday, November 1st, and preferably sooner.   Once I know the preferences of the full-time faculty, I will approach some of our part-timers.
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