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Hi, everyone.  See below for an update on Beverly.  It would be great if we could all donate a little bit to crowd fund her trip to Disneyland.  We all have a lot to be thankful for, and Beverly contributed a great deal to our department while she was here.  This would be a great way to thank her and show our appreciation. Consider doing it now before you forget.  See below for details.
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As many of you know, CTLE's Associate Director, Beverly Brehl, went on permanent leave from the University at the beginning of October to continue her fight with cancer and to spend more time with her family.  We miss her greatly.
 I thought I would give you a brief update.  She has been having weekly chemotherapy treatments that are infusions.  The current chemo drug is similar to one she had a couple of years ago that worked well at the time.  The weekly treatment is a lower dosage treatment that is intended to keep a more constant level in her body.  She has also undergone the first in a series of radiation treatments on her liver.  This current treatment includes planting radioactive seeds into her liver to deliver a very directed dose to the tumors.  She will have a second treatment next week and then a final one in November.
 As for spending time with her family she is having a very good time.  I was talking to her this afternoon and she was doing her best to keep up with her son, Jack who turns three in a couple of weeks.  Keeping up with a three-year-old is never easy!  The treatments are making a bit tired and her spirit is good.
 One of the reasons she left work is to spend this time with Jack and her husband, Jeremy, with the hopes of building many memories for the future.  For the past year or so she has talked about taking Jack to Disneyland.  It will also be Beverly's first trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Friends have begun a crowd sourced fund to raise money send Beverly and her family to the Magic Kingdom.  If you would like to help, I know it would be greatly appreciated by Beverly and her family.  The thought behind crowd sourcing this fund is that anyone who wants to give a little will join with many others who give a little to raise enough for a great week of fun and joy.  If you would like to give you can at the following link,http://www.gofundme.com/4npfmw.  If you are worried about how much you can give, remember that $10's is all it takes to buy Jack a Mickey Mouse Waffle at the Carnation Café.
 Thanks for helping us give Beverly's family the trip she has been dreaming of.  I will try to keep you informed of Beverly progress.  If I forget, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thanks again,

Patrick Tripeny
Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE)
1705 G Marriott Library
University of Utah

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