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Hi, here is the link to the second survey.  If everyone could take a minute or two and respond by Monday, that would be great!  thanks very much in advance!


(I teach in my survey methods class never to send out a survey on a Monday or Friday...sigh!  Thanks for taking the time over the weekend!)

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If you haven't met VP Watkins yet, I recommend that you attend this event.  Our departmental fate will ultimately rest in her hands.  Plus, she is very nice.

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Dear Colleagues in the College of Social and Behavioral Science,

I am writing to invite you to an open dialogue session on Wednesday, October 30, at 3:30pm in WPRA (OSH Auditorium). I am eager to meet you and to hear about the activities and priorities of each department, as well as how you envision campus leadership facilitating your aims.  Your ideas on how the university can be strengthened, both within and across academic units, will be particularly helpful as I learn more about the University of Utah.

Hope to meet you soon.

With best wishes,

Ruth Watkins
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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