[Fcs-faculty] KON Initiation on September 30th

Robert Nathan Mayer Robert.Mayer at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Sep 6 12:50:13 MDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,
Below you will see a save-the-date announcement from Jenny Stout regarding this year's initiation ceremony for our honor society KON.  The Monday evening ceremony is brief but important in terms of building a sense of community for our students, so I would hope that the vast majority of you will make it a high priority to attend.  This year's ceremony will feature remarks by one of our department's illustrious graduates, Erin Trenbeath-Murray.  Also, Jenny has done a little research on what former KON members are doing now; I think you will enjoy Jenny's findings.  Finally, there will be light refreshments to enjoy.  See you there!  (By the way, "there" will be the Hinckley Caucus Room, NOT the Alumni House.)

Dear FCS Faculty,
Our department honors society, Kappa Omicron Nu, will be having its initiation ceremony on Monday September 30th @ 6:30pm. Faculty attendance at this ceremony has been "spotty" these past couple of years. Please put this on your calendars and make it a priority. Faculty attendance communicates to these students that KON is something special. These students are the top 25% of our department, our "cream of the crop". Please come and support them and show them that the extra efforts they put into their course work does not go unnoticed.
P.S. I am sorry if 6:30 is late for you. Students are coming from work off campus, and when we have done it at 6 in the past several have walked in right after  the most important part.

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