[Fcs-faculty] Enrollment Update

Robert Nathan Mayer Robert.Mayer at fcs.utah.edu
Mon Sep 9 15:58:22 MDT 2013

The enrollment data that drive the SCH-based "productivity funds" from the university are based on a summer-fall-spring academic year.  Our summer 2013 enrollment (unadjusted for course) was down about 7% (from 2624 to 2435) compared to the summer of 2012.  We won't have final numbers for fall 2013 for a while, but it appears that our enrollment will be down about 6% compared to fall 2012.  (Let's keep in mind that enrollments are down overall at the U of U, but not by 6%.)
Just so you know what I know, we generated about 17,000 SCH last year (again, unweighted by course level).  If our SCH drops by 1,000 for the entire year, which is only 6%, our SCH funds will drop to $0 (compared to $70,000 this year and $180,000 the year before that).
Thus, until and unless the budget model changes, a lot is riding on our spring enrollments.  If you have any suggestions on boosting enrollment (preferably ones that don't cost us any money), feel free to share them with me.

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