[Fcs-faculty] Chairs' Meeting Summary

Robert Nathan Mayer Robert.Mayer at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Sep 25 18:00:27 MDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Here's a quick summary of the meeting held by Dean Berg today (September 25, 2013) with the CSBS department heads.
1.  Susan Olson, a recently-retired member of the Political Science faculty, is now executive director of the Law and Society Association.  She wanted members or our college to feel free to explore membership in the Association.  For more info, see: www.lawandsociety.org<http://www.lawandsociety.org>.
2.  Dean Berg believes that most of our departments can do a better job of mentoring junior faculty as well as associate professors.  She is developing a program to promote mentoring within the College.  Details have not been worked out, but Dean Berg foresees mentoring both within departments and across departments (e.g., someone in geography might mentor someone in Anthropology).  Dean Berg is also working on a mentoring program that would involve College graduates and current College students.  Suggestions are welcome.
3.  Dean Berg has made increasing funds for graduate student fellowships a very high priority.  She aims to raise $200,000 for this purpose.
4.  Another priority for the Dean is rebuilding OSH.  Her ideal scenario is moving more departments than at present into a renovated or rebuilt OSH.  No matter what happens, nothing will happen soon.
5.  Departments need to be more vigilant about conducting regular staff reviews.  This was a weak point the last time the U of U was re-accredited.
6.  Under our new VP, one metric that will be used to measure departmental quality is something called Academic Analytics.   Attached is a comparison of our department to departments in the "Family and Human Sciences" category.  I am not sure what types of departments fall into this category, and I have asked Dean Berg to try to get more information in this regard.  Regardless, we look pretty decent within this category.  The one area where we look bad is awards from national and international organizations.  Again, I am not sure how this is measured, but a partial explanation is contained in the second attachment.  My guess is that awards conveyed by the American Council on Consumer Interests, of which our department has received several, are not included in the count.  As you look through the attached analytics, feel free to raise additional questions that I can raise with Dean Berg.
7.  Dean Berg would like to see increased involvement by our College's faculty in the UROP program.  Thanks to the seven of you who have registered in UROP's faculty directory.  To the rest of you, all I can say is, "What gives?"
8.  About half of the College's faculty are expected to attend the Dean's research mixer on October 2nd (right after our faculty meeting).  Thanks to those of you who will be participating.

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