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Hi faculty,

We are also recruiting a new director for the CFDC.  I would like to close the application period mid next week so now is the time for doing any last minute networking of the ad-here is the link...I have asked Cheryl and Russ to help me with this search but welcome any insights and assistance.


We are currently recruiting for the assistant professor position.    I have asked Cheryl, Ken, Dan and Barb to be on this committee.  Note that Cheryl is on two....give her a high five and your sincere thanks when you see her.  However, this search is on all of us for getting the word out.  I am assigning some homework for the retreat....please come prepared to show and tell about how you have promoted the ad for our assistant professor position.  Also, please know that I will be at the sociology meetings in Montreal in a couple of weeks.  I can meet with potential candidates who might be there.

Link to where the ad lives on peoplesoft for the assistant professor ad

 link to a glossy ad with picture

And finally, I have gotten the green light to search for a visiting assistant professor for one year, with the possibility of an additional renewal in the area of family financial health.  I have asked Rob, jessie and Zhou to serve on this search committee.

So stay tuned for how you can help get the word out about that effort.  I welcome feedback on this new development.
Regarding the retreat, it is on august 16 which is a Wednesday.  I sent out an announcement some time ago so I am expecting that it is on your calendar.  If you are on sabbatical (Kevin and Sonia), then think of us fondly from a beach in Bali (or your home) but otherwise, be there or be square.  I am still working on the agenda but anticipate a start time of 9 or 10 (will nail that down over the weekend).  There will be lunch and Rob Mayer worthy sweets.  Cindy will visit the department at 2 so I will aim to be done after that..

Thanks, Lori

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