[Fcs-faculty] Reminder of OEO training at 1 today in 220

Lori Kowaleski-Jones lori.kowaleski-jones at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Nov 1 10:29:38 MDT 2017

Hi all,  just a reminder of the OEO training prior to the faculty meeting (OEO training 1-2 and faculty meeting 2-330).  If you did not do the training in Summer (my memory was that Cathleen, Ken, Lori, Cheryl, Barb and Dan attended), then here is the opportunity to complete this training that we need to do the faculty search.   If you are planning on attending, could you please let me know so I can get a head count for OEO?  Thanks very much!  Lori

Lori Kowaleski-Jones

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