[Fcs-faculty] And the "Final" Itinerary Adjustments

Ken Robert Smith ken.smith at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Nov 10 15:27:53 MST 2017


We are nothing if not flexible - here is what I hope are the final changes to the itinerary.  Really, sorry for these last minute changes but these just reflect the shifting schedules of the faculty.  By the way, I have invited all the people you mentioned (Korinek, Munoz, and Maloney) to your talk.

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday.


Distinguished Professor                                           Director
Family Studies & Population Science                    Utah Population Database
225 S 1400 East, Rm 228                                        Population Sciences, Huntsman Cancer Institute
University of Utah                                                   675 Arapeen, Ste 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84112                                        University of Utah
(O) 801-581-7847                                                    Salt Lake City, UT 84112
                                                                                 (O) 801-585-5135
Faculty Web Site<http://faculty.utah.edu/u0030780-KEN_R_SMITH,_PhD/biography/index.hml;jsessionid=12cbd2c12ddad7c1646653418896:smux-GbLwQXmLG1l>                                                     Utah Population Database<http://www.huntsmancancer.org/research/shared-resources/utah-population-database/overview>

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