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Subject: FW: Tax Reform - Rally - Developments

Dear Colleagues,
Please send this around to your faculty, adjuncts, and graduate students so that they can participate.

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Subject: Tax Reform - Rally - Developments

Hello all,

1) First, I can not stress the importance of contacting local representatives. If you vote in another state (i.e., are not registered to vote in Utah), contact your home representatives, not those in Utah. This is national concern, so having your voice heard no matter where you are from is crucial. The 3 minutes it takes to let these people know your thoughts is of paramount importance to our effort.

2) After speaking with Pat Shea, a prominent lawyer in SLC and nationally, we have developed a grassroots approach for gaining visibility for our rally next week.

We will be picketing at multiple strategic locations on Monday (11/20) from 7-9am and 4-6pm (i.e., rush hour). The locations will be discussed on Saturday (11/18) at an in-person meeting but will likely take place somewhere along 700 E near Liberty Park, at a couple of entrances to campus and near multiple exit ramps  that are safe spots to demonstrate. There will be coverage in numerous local- to state-level news stations and papers about our movement. I am also writing an email to the Associated Press to get their support. In other words, we need to get organized now.

I will not place a number as to the lower-expectation for a “good showing”…this situation needs to be treated with urgency. Consider the potential long-term gain of securing a financial future while pursuing higher education as a justified tradeoff for missing a portion of the work day. This is your opportunity to do something important.

3) To prepare for Monday’s events, Pat has offered to hold a training session on Saturday (11/18) at 11am. In this meeting, we will discuss our purpose in picketing, the ways we can be most effective, and, in the off chance there is “trouble” (e.g., a police officer approaches you), how you can and should handle the situation. This training will occur at Pat's office, which is above Cranky’s on 252 S 1300 E. I will be standing out front of the building to make sure everyone can easily find his office.

Following the meeting, we will all convene back at Building 72 to put together placards. These placards will be effective but not offensive or obscene. Don’t forget that this is a grassroots movement. Make sure you bring with you:
- yard sticks
- brooms
- anything that can serve as a handle
- markers
- poster boards
- even old (but not nasty) pizza boxes can be tapped together and covered in white printer paper for a message to be written on
- staplers
- tape
- other adhesives you might think be helpful

If need be, these placards will be stashed safely and available for pickup come Monday morning, but feel free to take them home. Pat has also offered a nice reward for the top 3 placards, so use your imagination!

4) An announcement was sent to the Graduate School about our rally at the capitol earlier this evening. I spoke with the two gentlemen who are in charge of vetting the announcement, Dr. Dave Kieda and Danny Nelson, and after some revision, they expect an email will be sent out to every department on campus tomorrow morning. Included in that announcement is a link to the Facebook event that is the Graduate Rally Against Tax Reform 2017<https://www.facebook.com/events/132125674073729/>. The Graduate School will also be forwarding this Announcement to BYU, USU, UVU, Weber State and SLCC. Make sure to check the FB event often for updates and feel free to post appropriate content.

One of the best ways we can be effective is by creating more visibility to the event, so pass this around to everyone you know. Up to this point, the event and our movement has been largely limited to CSBS students (mainly Geography), with contingents in Economics and Nutrition and Integrative Physiology. This extent of how far our work has reached is not enough to make an impact. We need to make this a top priority if the rally is to be successful and lead to financial security. I am afraid that the ‘bystander effect’ is playing a large role here. If you are not privy to the social-psychological phenomenon, I suggest doing a quick google search.

In any case, many thanks to Ben Marconi for his efforts in creating a succinct and effective dialogue that is the centerpiece of the Facebook event.

5) This is a tremendous effort that takes a considerable amount of time. Yet, that time is an investment in our futures and those of young researchers who aspire to be like us. I am extremely grateful for the help that I have received so far (you know who you are) and we wouldn’t be where we are (in such a short amount of time) without you. But in all candidness, there is a lot of work to be done and we need your help. Please volunteer a small amount of your time to our movement.

To summarize on how to be effective:
1) Contact your local representative
3) Show up to the training on Saturday at 11am
2) Speak with me about when you are available to picket around SLC
4) Spread the link, the announcement, the movement
5) Let me know via email, phone call or in person that you would like to help out.

Feel free to call me at 516.216.2284 if you have any questions.


Tom Brussel
PhD Candidate
Brewer Lab
Department of Geography
University of Utah

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