[Fcs-grad] phone directory

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at lists.csbs.utah.edu
Wed Jan 8 15:28:17 MST 2003

I'm ready to make copies of the spring 2003 phone directory and just 
want to make sure there are no phone number changes that I don't already 
have.  If your home phone number is different than it was in the fall, 
would you check with me to make sure I have the change.

Also, if you haven't given me your office hours, would you do so.  If 
you replied to my first email asking for office hours, I may not have 
received your reply.  I've emailed the help desk to find out how to get 
messages sent to sandra.earl at lists.csbs.utah.edu.  I didn't receive an 
email reply from anyone and that seems kind of strange

Thanks for your help!!


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