[Fcs-grad] Taking donations

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Dec 1 10:43:55 MST 2004

Most of you probably know Maria, our building housekeeper.  Well, on 
Monday she brought her ukulele to work with her so she could play and 
sing for us a couple of songs she'd practiced over the long weekend.  
Playing the ukulele is therapy for her as she has Parkinson's Disease. 

When she was working around the North Entrance, she had the ukulele 
sitting with some boxes in (yes, in) the big trash barrel.  She left it 
there when she went up to the Second Floor to get the vacuum.  When she 
returned, the ukulele was gone.  Someone may have thought it was being 
discarded.  We've put flyers at the entrances,  so there is a small 
chance it may be returned.

There is a box for donations in the supply room behind the main office.  
We would like to buy Maria a new ukulele.  Any small contribution would 
be helpful and very much appreciated.  Cathleen checked on the web and 
found we can pay anywhere from $30 to $150 for a new ukulele.

Thanks for your help.


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